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Online therapy?

Talk to a licensed therapist from the comfort and privacy of your home, on your schedule.

Studies have shown that video therapy is effective as an alternative, and supplement, to in-person therapy.

1/5 have a mental health disorder

Mental health is a leading cause of disability in Canada

Therapy from anywhere, on your schedule.


Video sessions are not recorded, and your therapist's notes are securely stored in a data centre in Toronto.


Only you, your therapist and (optionally) your doctor can access your therapy notes.


Use it anywhere you are comfortable. Avoid traffic, weather and scheduling conflicts.

What is Akira?

Akira is a mobile app that gives you instant access to a team of Canadian medical professionals experienced in digital healthcare.

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Akira can help with

Anxiety / Stress
Low self-esteem
Work related problems
Substance Abuse / Addiction
Family / Relationship Problems
Behavioural Therapy
Eating disorders
and many other concerns

How does it work?


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Akira was built from the ground up for smartphones and tablets so you can get great care from anywhere.

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You’ll receive an appointment for your video therapy session which you can access on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Meet our therapists

Find the right therapist for you.

Our roster of therapists includes Mental Health Social Workers who are located and licensed to practice in Ontario.

Ontario, Canada

Akira is currently only available to residents of Ontario, Canada. We are expanding across Canada soon!


Our therapists have flexible schedules and can see you at almost any time.

Meredith Moore MSW, RSW

Meredith is a registered Clinical Social Worker. She has worked extensively in the social services field since 1999 and as a registered Social Worker since 2003. For several years, Meredith has assisted individuals experiencing a wide range of issues such as: addiction, anger/emotions management, relationship problems, depression, anxiety and critical incident stress. Meredith has earned an Addiction Worker diploma as well as a certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Kathleen Larion MSW, RSW

Kathleen is a registered social worker and a Canadian Certified Counsellor. She focuses on issues of anxiety, depression, stress tolerance, relationship concerns, and post-traumatic stress. The techniques she utilizes include CBT, mindfulness meditation, motivational interviewing, and dialectical behaviour therapy.

Tiffany Dookhan MSW, RSW

Tiffany is a registered social worker. Her experience includes providing psychotherapy to individuals with depression, anxiety, panic, OCD, eating disorders, family and relationship issues, marriage issues, trauma, substance abuse, and job related issues. She is experienced in utilizing various methods such as CBT, EFT, DBT.

Dylan Zambrano MSW, RSW

Dylan provides psychotherapy for a variety of concerns including stress, anxiety, depression, anger, behavioural issues, self-esteem, and more. He specializes in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Mindfulness. Dylan can support you in overcoming your difficulties and finding solutions for living a meaningful life.

Karen Cox MSW, RSW

I am a social worker/therapist with over 20 years’ experience in the mental health field. I work in partnership with individuals – you are the expert of you; I assist you in discovering tools and strategies that most effectively help you meet your goals. My approach is “eclectic” – we find what works for you. The modalities I’ve found useful to this point are Dialectical Behavior Therapy, CBT, Emotion- Focussed Therapy, Solution-Focussed, Family Systems, Mindfulness, and Self-compassion, to name a few. I take a trauma-informed/anti- oppressive approach to therapy and have worked with a range of issues including depression/anxiety, family relationships, crisis intervention, chronic illness, and sexuality.

Our roster of therapists includes Mental Health Social Workers, all of whom are located within and licensed to practice in Ontario.

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Akira is currently only available to residents of Ontario, Canada. We are expanding across Canada soon!


Our therapists have flexible schedules and can see you at a time convenient for you.

What does it cost?

What does it cost?

Get high-quality, affordable therapy from home.



50 minute video session with your choice of therapist.

Covered by most extended health benefit plans.


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For a limited time, get 8 weeks of unlimited access to our team of doctors and nurse practioners when you purchase your first therapy session with Akira.

Unlimited text & video

Access to friendly doctors & nurses by secure text & video, 7 days/wk


We can prescribe and renew your existing prescriptions.

Lab Tests

Get requisitions sent to a lab or imaging clinic of your choice.

Specialist Referrals

Get referrals to medical specialists or allied health professionals.

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