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Akira for Business

A unique health & wellness offering that provides on-demand access to doctors in the workplace.

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Your team’s well-being is crucial to success.

Akira can help.

What is Akira?

Akira is a mobile app that gives you instant access to a team of Canadian healthcare practitioners specializing in Family Medicine, Mental Health, Diet & Nutrition and Paediatrics.

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Text & Video

Unlimited access to friendly nurse practitioners by secure text & video

Custom Plans

Customized plans & follow-up for employees with high-risk chronic conditions

Health Record

A complete mobile health record to help employees better understand their health

How Akira can help your employees

Mental Health

Over 20% of the workforce suffers from mental health issues. But the majority of mental health treatment is managed or referred by family doctors, and many at-risk employees don't have one.

1/5 have a mental health disorder

Mental health is a leading cause of disability in Canada


Great care before, during, and after pregnancy. Employees with children and their partners can use Akira for their family's health concerns.

Built-in Family Plan option

Partners are covered too


Up to 75% of health issues can be managed virtually. The average Canadian sees a doctor 7.7 times per year, and Akira can be used to address many of these visits.

A visit to the doctor can take up to 2 hours

Get medications delivered right to the office

One of my team members stopped me in the halls to thank me for saving him time, stress and concern by being able to get to a specialist in a day versus weeks. Employee satisfaction is key and Akira is part of making that happen!

– Randy Frisch, COO, Uberflip

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Pivotal Labs

Complete Service Save a trip to the walk-in clinic with our comprehensive mobile service.


Our medical professionals can prescribe and renew your existing prescriptions.

Free medication delivery

Get free same-day delivery of prescription medications to your home or office through one of our partner pharmacies.

Specialist Referrals

Receive referrals to medical specialists or allied health professionals.

Lab Tests

Get lab requisitions via email or send them directly to a lab or imaging clinic of your choice.

Sick Notes

Get a sick note for work or school without waiting for hours at a walk-in clinic.

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