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Meet your Canadian care team

Our Ontario-based, certified doctors and nurse practitioners are friendly and professional.

  • Doctor: Shazeen Bandukwala Dr. Shazeen Bandukwala McMaster University
  • Doctor: Pamela An Dr. Pamela An University of Toronto
  • Doctor: Paul Frydrych Dr. Paul Frydrych Northwestern University

No more waiting rooms.

Speak to a doctor immediately by text. Switch to video as needed - no appointment necessary.

  • Help & Advice

    Quick responses to health-related questions.

  • Comprehensive Care

    Get a diagnosis for many common medical issues.

Get prescriptions, labs & referrals

Akira doctors can write prescriptions, order lab tests & imaging, and refer you to specialists.

  • Medication Delivery

    Get free same-day delivery of prescription medications to your home or office.

Own your health data.

See clinical notes, lab test results, and more. Your complete health record is at your fingertips.


Akira is PHIPA-compliant. Communicate securely with a doctor by encrypted text or video.


Only you, your doctor and medical staff directly involved in your care can access your records.

What kinds of questions can I ask?

I'm sick. Is this a typical cold or something more serious?

I have what feels like a UTI.

Please take a look at this rash.

Lately I’ve been feeling anxious and a little down. I would like some help.

I need a prescription renewal.

I have the flu and need a doctor's note for work.

I need a prescription for physiotherapy.

I'd like to get tested for STIs.

I want to lose weight and start eating healthy.

I’m trying to quit smoking. What support can you offer?

Do I need any screening or blood work?

I’m trying to get pregnant. What should I know?

Here is a picture of my child's rash. What should I do?

When can I start my baby on solids?

How do I toilet train my toddler?

I'm concerned about my aging parents and their memory.

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